Training Program

This program is designed to prepare you to perform ASTM test procedures in the real world.
Instead of a one-time, on-site training program, we now offer our training online for you and your crew to access multiple times at your convenience. Save time and money, and still get the training you need.

  • ASTM Water Spray Test Training Video
    This hour and 7 minute video demonstrates the performance of an ASTM E1105 water spray test from beginning to end. It includes terms, selection of standard, selection and examination of test specimen and installation, prepping test specimen interior and exterior including building an air chamber, setting up and running the equipment, post examination of test specimen and installation.
  • ASTM in the Real World Training Guide
    To study and bring with you when out in the field. It includes a basic quick reminder guide of the full training, a list of the pertinent specific sections of the ASTM test standards that are most commonly an issue at the test site, and a wind velocity chart to help determine the pressure difference in the air chamber while running the water spray test.

  • Water Spray Test Report Template

  • Spray Rack Calibration Test Training Video
    Learn how to perform a calibration test on your Rain Maker or other spray rack according to the requirements of the ASTM standards. Includes how to do the math to determine your final calibration test result and calibration test template.

  • Air-flow Meter Calibration Test Training Video
    Learn how to properly perform the calibration test for your Wind Maker PLUS or other air flow meters to comply with the ASTM E783 standard. Includes how to do the complex math to determine your final results and a calibration test template with the proper procedures and calculations.

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