The Wind Maker test vacuum

Price: $3,695

Vacuum test kit for performing the ASTM E783, the ASTM E283, E1105, E331, E547, and the ASTM E330

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The Wind Maker PLUS test kit is a portable, durable, powerful vacuum pack test kit with accurate pressure differential meters, PLUS it includes the high and low scale high-impact acrylic flow meters for measuring air infiltration. Adheres to all specifications for performing the ASTM E783, the ASTM E283, E1105, E331, E547, E330, and AAMA 502, 503, and 511. The Wind Maker comes with a dated calibration result sheet.

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  • Variable speed auxiliary power outlet varies the speed of all extra blowers in tandem with the built in blower. This allows for exact pressure differential in virtually any sized air chamber.
  • Shock mounts inside prevent dislodging of blower and variable speed electronics.
  • Air pressure differential meters with an accuracy of 2-3% of FS.
  • Pressure measurement meters are in inches of water, but can be special ordered in pascals or PSI. Allow extra delivery time.
  • Air flow meters with and accuracy of 5% of FS.
  • Air flow meters are in cfm, but can be special ordered in LPM. Allow extra delivery time.
Built-in Vacuum Motor Specs

CFM @ 2" Orifice            122.0
Vacuum (H2O Sealed)    100.4
Voltage                             110 V (can request 220 V at no extra cost - will take an extra few days)
Hz                                      60/50
Max Amps                        10.8
Max Air Wattz                   447
Ambient Temperature      40 Degrees C