Wind Maker BOOST

Price: $950

Used in conjunction with the Wind Maker, the BOOST more than doubles the vacuum power of the Wind Maker.

See video here
Use the Wind Maker BOOST as both a stand for the Wind Maker, and a vacuum boost that more than doubles the suction power of your set up. This way, you can run both motors at a lower speed, reducing noise and stress when performing a water spray test. Plug the BOOST into the Wind Maker's Variable Speed Auxiliary Power outlet and it will vary its speed along with that of the Wind Maker. It pulls nearly 3 inches-of-water air pressure on a two inch orifice.

Built-in Vacuum Motor Specs

CFM @ 2" Orifice            147.0
Vacuum (H2O Sealed)      98.0
Voltage                             120 V (can request 220 V at no extra cost - will take an extra few days)
Hz                                      60/50
Max Amps                        12.0
Max Air Wattz                   500
Ambient Temperature      40 Degrees C