Selecting the Test Procedure

There are a variety of water spray test standards between ASTM and AAMA, with other countries sometimes having their own standards. However, many countries around the world have chosen to comply with ASTM standards. This is why ASTM has changed its name to "ASTM International", as to not limit themselves to being only American, which is what the "A" originally stood for in the acronym.

How do you choose which standard to adhere to? It depends on the test specimen you're testing.

  • A storefront type window with no moving parts
This refers to a window that cannot open and close, and should stand up to the more stringent AAMA 501.2 standard. Our product for conducting this test is the Rain Wand. It provides a strong and small area spray. The spray is strong enough to make an operable, or residential type window leak for sure, and possibly even damage the specimen. The only test specimen designed to withstand the AAMA 501.2 standard is a storefront type window, or a curtain wall.
  • Operable, residential type windows, or skylights or doors
There are a handful of test standards to choose from for these test specimens. The AAMA standards are the 502 and the 511. The 502 can only be performed on windows that have been installed within the last six months. The 511, although virtually identical, can be performed on older installations. Both of these are basically re-written ASTM standards, leaving out parts AAMA doesn't like and adding parts they do like.

The more universally recognized, original standards are the ASTM standards. How do you choose between the ASTM E1105, E331, and E547? There are specific reasons for each although they are performed very similarly to each other. They each require the same type of equipment. Our products are the Rain Maker and Wind Maker, and you save $500.00 when you buy them together.

The E331 is to be performed using only the uniform static air method, the E547 using only the cyclic static air method, and the E1105 can be ran using either static or cyclic air methods. The E1105 is the only one of the three to include methods for testing operable windows. Both the E331 and E547 include instructions for skylight windows whereas the E1105 does not.

Choosing between these ASTM test standards can be complicated. But it is important to know how to choose. Our training program goes in depth on this subject along with other important considerations that need to be made before any water is sprayed or equipment set up.

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