Selecting the Test Procedure

There are a variety of water spray test standards between ASTM and AAMA, with other countries sometimes having their own standards. However, many countries around the world have chosen to comply with ASTM standards. This is why ASTM has changed its name to "ASTM International", as to not limit themselves to being only American, which is what the "A" originally stood for in the acronym. How do [...]

Before the Day of the Test - Things to Cover With Your Client

There are important issues to cover with your client before the day of the test that you'll be performing for them. If these are not covered ahead of time and it's discovered on test day that the test cannot be performed, it can be very costly. Water Pressure If there is not an adequate water source with enough output and pressure to run your spray rack, you won't be impressing anyone that [...]

Differences between ASTM E331 & ASTM E1105

Question: “I have read both ASTM E 331 and ASTM E 1105 and can’t find any difference between the two test methods. It stands to reason that there is a difference, otherwise why two test methods? Can you please explain the difference between them?” Answer: There are fundamental differences that are revealed in the titles of each standard. These are identified with italics below: [...]