Booster Pumps and Water Pressure

Probably the most challenging problem on a water spray test site is achieving enough water pressure to properly run your equipment. Having access to a water main is the best way to start. That alone often solves this difficult problem. But that type of access is almost never available at a residential home. And it can be one or two hundred feet away at a commercial facility, causing a detrimental loss of pressure [...]

Pass/Failure - The Definition of

“What do you mean, the window passes the water penetration test? It leaked water!” This is a complaint a test engineer might get if they know the correct definition of "pass" and "fail" in the ASTM E1105 and other similar test standards. Other engineers who don’t know these definitions may fail a window that technically passes. Why is this? When [...]

Selecting the Test Procedure

There are a variety of water spray test standards between ASTM and AAMA, with other countries sometimes having their own standards. However, many countries around the world have chosen to comply with ASTM standards. This is why ASTM has changed its name to "ASTM International", as to not limit themselves to being only American, which is what the "A" originally stood for in the acronym. How do [...]

Before the Day of the Test - Things to Cover With Your Client

There are important issues to cover with your client before the day of the test that you'll be performing for them. If these are not covered ahead of time and it's discovered on test day that the test cannot be performed, it can be very costly. Water Pressure If there is not an adequate water source with enough output and pressure to run your spray rack, you won't be impressing anyone that [...]

Differences between ASTM E331 & ASTM E1105

Question: “I have read both ASTM E 331 and ASTM E 1105 and can’t find any difference between the two test methods. It stands to reason that there is a difference, otherwise why two test methods? Can you please explain the difference between them?” Answer: There are fundamental differences that are revealed in the titles of each standard. These are identified with italics below: [...]

Owner Todd Mikkelson featured in Upsize Magazine

Todd Mikkelson, the inventor of the Rain Maker Spray Rack, has been making the voice of small business heard at the Minnesota State Capitol and in Washington DC since 2012. His crusade has led to his involvement with both the Minnesota State and National Advisory Boards of Main Street Alliance,  becoming the Legislative and Policy Committee Chair at the state level. Through these positions he has helped many [...]

Introducing our new website!

A brand new look, and online purchasing as well... We're proud to present our completely updated website that now includes the ability to place orders online . If you know exactly what you want and just want to place your order, now you can! If eCommerce isn't your thing, we're still happy to assist you with your questions and purchases. Contact us here , or call us at  952-471-2623. [...]

RM Group to present at RCI Convention

Todd Mikkelson, inventor of the Rain Maker spray rack and owner of the RM Group, will be presenting “ASTM in the Real World” at this week’s RCI Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, FL. The convention is being held at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort March 10th – 15th and Todd will do two presentations the morning of Monday, March 14th. If you’re attending the convention, come by and say [...]

NEW — ASTM C1715 Masonry Device

Our new ASTM C1715 Masonry Wall Drainage System Performance Device can be used alone or connected in line with more than one. It’s ready to go right out of its padded carrying pouch. Sets up in seconds. Comes with six hoses. Price:  $780.00 includes ground shipping in the continental U.S.

New Product: Rain Wand Boom extension arm

The  Rain Wand Boom extension arm  extends up to  6 feet . Attach the  Rain Wand AAMA 501.2 device  to this telescoping extension arm and test high surfaces, while staying out of the spray yourself! PRICE: $325.00 (does NOT include Rain Wand)

Spray Bar Stabilizer Clips

                    Add these to the  Rain Maker spray rack  to help stabilize the extended spray bars in commercial applications where the bars cannot be reached to adjust if needed. Choose set of four, six, eighteen, or any amount. 4 – $125.00 [...]