Spray Rack Calibration Test How-To Video

Price: $295

Taught by Todd Mikkelson from The RM Group. Learn how to perform a calibration test on your Rain Maker or other spray rack according to the requirements of the ASTM standards. Price includes emailed calibration test template.

This 9.5 minute video explains and walks you through the calibration test procedure required every six months for water spray racks, as stipulated in the ASTM E1105, E331, E547 & AAMA 502 & 511 standards.

This easy-to-follow video demonstrates the entire calibration test procedure, explains the design and usage of the calibration box, the positioning of the sprayrack, and the measuring of the water output.

The video explains how to do the math required to find your final calibration result number.

Also included in the price is a calibration test template with the procedures and calculations necessary to determine calibration test results of your spray rack.

The spray rack calibration box is available here.

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